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Seasonal, Local Ingredients

New York's Hudson Valley is home to some of the world's finest fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. The region's bounty provides the inspiration for our recipes. We are proud to share these exceptional ingredients with you in both our seasonal and year-round signature pies.

Hand-crafted Quality

When it comes to pastry, there's no substitute for the sure hand of experience. Our pies are made with a dedication to the craft practiced by generations of pie-makers before us. The result is a tender, rich, and flaky crust with enough presence to enhance the character of our pies, while allowing the fruits and fillings to take the lead.

Traditional, Yet Original

We recognize that sometimes there is nothing better than a flawless rendition of a timeless classic. But we also treasure the excitement of savoring a new flavor for the first time. Whether you're feeling nostalgic or curious, our pies will surely satisfy your craving.